To be in your body

You may have heard of the expression ‘to be in your body’ in relation to yoga and wondered what it’s all about. It’s not actually something you actively ‘do’ because the moment you think you are doing it, you are not ‘in’ your body.  You can’t be in your body.  It’s gone.  It is for this reason that ‘being in your body’ can seem unattainable or it can require too much effort. To deepen your focus and be absorbed can also feel scary as a lot of mind-stuff can arise. Maybe you feel you are just not ready to face it.

It can, in fact, be one of the easiest practices in theory as it doesn’t really require much of anything. You don’t have to sit in an Indian temple or idyllic yoga shala or even do a yoga class to embrace it. You can even ‘be’ on the bus riding to and from work to sense it.

Some simple tips:

  • Sit comfortably (be really comfortable).
  • Either have a soft focus on something or close the eyes.
  • In your mind acknowledge your surroundings and accept them.
  • Notice your breathing and keep it soft and comfortable
  • Notice the length and quality of the inhale and exhale
  • Let the belly rise and fall naturally
  • Scan the rest of the body and starting from the toes relax an area of the body on the exhale until you get to the top of the head.
  • Come back to the breath all the time.

There you have it!  The preparation for a soft quiet sense of inner focus even if it only lasted for a few seconds.