The Mindfulness of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga is essentially about connecting breath with movement and this can be experienced at a very subtle level (there is always movement even within stillness), as well as on a more obvious physical level as part of a stronger flowing practice.

The most appropriate form of breathing to accompany this type of practice is Ujjayi (Victorious) breath as it creates heat, encourages detoxification and aids concentration. Ideally the rhythmic flow of physical movement will align with the strong, steady flow of Ujjayi breath. The sense of self-absorption in this flow encourages feelings of balance and suggests to the mind that it can perhaps work in a different way.

Vinyasa flow is therefore not solely about physical postures – it is about the ‘mind body’. Regular practice will obviously make the body stronger, more flexible and leaner, but it is the ‘mind body’ that really benefits, feeling more nurtured, soothed and cleansed.

So if you find that you are thinking too much, making the mind heavy, drop into a class to lighten the load and find some mind space!

Saturdays 10.30am at Royal Free Recreational Club NW3

Sunday 10am and Thursday 6.30pm (new class starting on 19th June) at Kentish Town Studio NW5