Mindfulness in Everyday Living

Why mindfulness?

Sometimes it can feel like you are in active mode 24/7 as the body and mind finds it difficult to switch away from  your normal default mode. We all need down-time; time to break-out of the routine; time to change the experience; to pay attention and aid recovery. Using mindful practices the body can become a vehicle for transformation with just short and regular intervals of embodied awareness.

Mary draws on all her experience of teaching and training in the field of yoga and mindful based practices, as well as many years working in the business world, to apply some bespoke simple and practical tools to relax, release and potentially recover.  Mary has also established a long standing teaching connection to the NHS as part of their staff well-being programme, as well as teaching within corporations involved in advertising, legal and financial sectors.

What kind of benefits can I experience in mindfulness sessions?

  • Reduction in stress and tension build up
  • Can improve mood and your relationship with sleep
  • Minimises reactivity and potentially encourages flow states
  • Can feel more resilient to deal with work projects and be more productive
  • Learn new techniques for personal practice
  • Promotes self-care for everyday living

Who can benefit?

It is important to let the body and mind recover whether you are desk-bound for work, you might be physically performing or training in the competitive sports industry and/or you are facing personal challenges like stress, insomnia and chronic pain. These sessions are ideal for staff in the workplace as part of a corporate well-being programme, your team in a sports environment or just for small groups of individuals who want to get together. This can be in the form of mindful movement for stiff, inflexible and tight bodies and/or simple body based contemplative practices for those who just need to slow down.

Is there any research on this?

There is a lot of research going on out there about mindfulness. You could refer to the Mind & Life Institute for studies.

Here is a great talk by Catherine Kerr ‘Mindfulness Starts With The Body…’

‘Why wellbeing works for business’ The Guardian Feb.2017

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“The most relaxing hour of the whole week. Mary is incredibly patient with us baby elephants stomping round the place”

– Theo

mary young mindfulness for corporations and businesses

“Since I started Yoga with Mary, I feel calmer and happier in my body. The mindfulness and meditation techniques in the classes have allowed me to cope with stress better and help me switch off after a difficult day”

– Ruth (teacher)