Melissa – her reflections on yoga

What is your favourite yoga posture and why? 
My favourite yoga pose is Dancing Shiva because it is a challenge but such a graceful pose and to me it embodies all that yoga is; a spiritual test of strength, balance and mind control.

What made you take up yoga? 
I took up yoga because I was keen to develop more flexibility and core strength. I had the common misconception that is mostly about relaxation but quickly realised that is not the case! The more dynamic styles are a fantastic all body work out.

If you were to encouraging some else to go down the path of yoga, what would you say? 
I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to try yoga. It is brilliant for the body and the mind. I can really tell when I haven’t had time to practice both physically and mentally. I have a pressing need sometimes to get to yoga for my ’soul’.