Luminosity….a state of mind

Ancient yoga philosophy mentions the three qualities of nature known as the guna and they are: tamas (solid/heavy/inertia), rajas (dynamic/movement) and sattva (luminosity). There is a constant interplay between these qualities and they exist in different proportions at different times. On a more practical level you can look at them in terms of individual ‘mind states’ with tamas representing a heaviness of thought and lack of inspiration whilst rajas can imply restlessness and agitation. The middle ground, a sattvic state, represents peace and balance in mind.  In society today we find it difficult to find our sattvic nature and tend to be at one extreme or the other so that is why regular yoga practice is encouraged to try to even out this instability.

‘In asana, we are trying to broach the mass of our gross body, to break up the molecules and divide them into atoms that will allow our visions to penetrate within’  BKS Iyengar

Padmasana (lotus position) is an ideal sattvic posture; seated and alert, implying a sense of clarity and luminosity.

This week we have brought an awareness of the guna into our practice with a steady expenditure of energy in our flow as well as balancing pranayama.