Grounding……..finding your feet

At this time of year we can really struggle to find focus and keep grounded. I don’t know why but this year seems to be worse than ever and I am particularly finding that everyone is exceptionally tired and saying that their heads are all over the place in complete mind overload. This (head) pressure cooker effect is not nice.

This week in class we are looking at taking a step away from all of this and finding our connection to the earth again. Where has the ground gone!!!  You can also find this too in your self-practice by revisiting your Warrior postures.  Virabhadra depicts Shiva in warrior form so the intention in the pose is power, strength and a firm connection to the earth through the feet. It is so important to establish your alignment from the ground up in these postures. Feet should feel evenly in touch with the ground through both the inner arches and outer edges of the feet and toes should be well spread out on the ground. Remember to press down through the big toes and to include your pinkie toes in all this structure.

Virabhadrasana can throw up a lot of negative thoughts because it can really test us physically so it is important to move on from a quick reactive mind and slow down, taking time to consider and breathe.