Graham – his reflections on yoga

What is your favourite yoga posture and why?

Crow – because it is challenging, I feel real progress every time I try it and it has taught me that the mind can be as powerful as physical strength.

What made you take up yoga?

Initially I was intrigued, had heard that it was a good way to calm the mind and to help prevent injury (used to play rugby). I also think that because I already knew Mary it was less daunting and the convenience of having classes at work meant there was no excuse not to have a go. So I would say I was an enthusiastic beginner and now I love it.

If you were to encourage someone else to go down the path of yoga, what would you say?

Definitely, I have recommended it to countless others. The physical benefits are noticeable, I feel more flexible, better balanced and enjoy the tangible improvement and progression over time. It has been an interesting way to learn more about my physical strength and weaknesses. More significantly, I have learned that the mind can be the biggest limitation. I have come to appreciate the mental benefits. Yoga is a great way to block out the stresses of daily life and I always finish a session feeling relaxed.