Gillian – her reflections on yoga

What is your favourite yoga posture and why?

I love to lie down. Savasana is an important pose for me as I am someone who is constantly on the go and hopping from one project to the next without paying any real attention to how I am truly feeling. This pose makes me ‘check in’ with myself and slow myself down to focus on my breath and see how I am doing? A battle ensues, between the part of me that says I should be up being active and the other wiser part of me that tells me that this is nourishing for my body.

What made you take up yoga?

Curiosity more than anything! I kept hearing from various people how they loved it and how they found it so rewarding and empowering and that it generally made them feel more centred and together. The first time I went to yoga, I was overheard afterwards saying to a friend, that I thought it was boring! I laugh at that now because it has given me an awareness of how I am naturally and that I need to just ‘Stop’ sometimes!

If you were encouraging someone else to go down the path of yoga, what would you say?

I would say to do lots of different types of yoga and find the one for you. Both my sisters do yoga too, but we all prefer different styles or traditions. I would also say, go and commit to going for a period of time (6 week +), as you will really begin to feel the benefits and your body will respond positively and will unveil an inner strength.