”Failure is a stepping stone to success” Arianna Huffington

Be prepared to fail in yoga; prepare to let the mind wander; prepare to forget to consciously breathe; prepare to fall over……just be prepared not to be perfect!  There are endless ways you can ‘fail’ in your yoga practice so by embracing these thoughts when they arise and realising that we are all imperfect human beings will allow you to go deeper in your yoga experience.  It is quite normal to get frustrated in class and deem yourself a failure if, for example, you can’t touch your toes or you keep falling over in headstand.  If this happens, don’t beat yourself up about it just realise that it is part of your progress. Even reminding yourself of these little agitations from the past will help you appreciate your practice much further on down the line.  Once you start to recognise and overcome these distractions you will find that you begin to experience a more refined and subtle form of yoga. Just remember safety comes first and use as many props as you need to assist you along the way.  Yoga is not about perfection, it is about continuous discovery.