‘Creating your ideal practice from an ocean of possibilities’   a quote by Lara Baumann

Yoga and Ayurveda

If you find that you are doing the same practice every time you do yoga and you are still feeling out of kilter by the end of it, it might not be right for you.  As we know, everyone has different needs physically and mentally so why should the same set of asana/pranayama benefit everyone equally.   Yoga is definitely not one size fits all or one sequence suits all. Yoga should really be viewed as a tool to find an ideal practice to essentially create balance and harmony for you as an individual.

To discover your energetic self on a deeper level you could consider the ancient science of Ayurveda (the science of life). By looking at your individual body/mind constitution and finding your dominant dosha you can create a practice that aims to counter balance distortions.

Vata types are natural flighty spirited people who find it difficult to sit still and concentrate on one thing, therefore they need a calming and grounding practice. Pushy Pitta types are hot and fiery. They love to set goals and aim to achieve them by any means especially with brute force in class! Their ideal practice should avoid goals and be kept at a steady even pace. Kapha types are slow starters and can feel a sense of heaviness both on a physical and mental level so they normally require a slow build to energetic and dynamic stimulation. Once the stamina kicks in, nothing will stop Kapha types.

These are obviously simplistic explanations as the system of Ayurveda goes much deeper and beyond the realms of yoga. If you are finding that your practice does not meet your needs, it is worth considering this ancient system of medicine to personalise your yoga practice. For specific Ayurvedic treatments and analysis speak to an Ayurvedic practitioner.

I hope you find this helpful on your yoga quest.  As well as other themes, my classes and workshops are influenced by this system. Do please register your interest in future classes and specialist workshops at info@violetlotusyoga.com.