About Mary

Mary Young-400

Mary takes an integrated approach to her teaching style and content in her classes which has evolved over ten years of training with various teachers and the invaluable learning experience of teaching practitioners over that time.

In particular, her more recent training in mindful based movement and contemplative practices have formulated an overriding aspect to all her classes and that is one of embodied awareness.

Keeping to traditional principles in her dynamic vinyasa classes, movement is sychronised with breath and honouring her fundamental yoga training, she encourages self-practice away from her yoga classes. In addition to this, Mary is a qualified yin yoga teacher and incorporates yin into her own daily practice and teaching schedule. She believes that yin provides a vital pathway to self-discovery and it is a great complement to yang lifestyles. Ultimately, whether the focus is on prana or Qi, she feels they can achieve the same powerful results.

She also explored the fundamental teachings of yoga nidra (iRest) which she interweaves into her teaching and everyday living.   Finally, she is greatly influenced by mindful based practices such as embodied awareness, connective tissue work and body play as a stand alone entity for change.