2015 – No goals…just set intentions

The period between Christmas and New Year is often a time when we start to think ahead and create a mental list of New Year resolutions or goals for the forthcoming year. The problem we have here are that goals can be easily broken because they are so specific and ‘end’ focused.  We become so intent on achieving the final result that we never actually enjoy the experience or the journey getting there.  Don’t be a control freak about New Year resolutions. It’s a slow build.

Creating some intentions might be more realistic and more appealing as they can provide a bit more scope for manoeuvre on the journey allowing you to go as far as you want, and they can even give you an opportunity to diverge away from your path and go in an exciting new direction.

Common intentions for 2015 might be: 

  • To slow down and be less stressed
  • To get fit and stronger
  • To feel healthier
  • To be more aware of your body (inside and out)

Regular yoga practice can provide all these things and unlike other activities you can take what you experience in class or on your mat and use these tools in everyday life, encouraging even more benefits for you and for others. Setting intentions for 2015 will allow you to connect with something in a deeper way and keep re-connecting.  It really makes a difference to your yoga practice as well as providing long term benefits compared with a short term mind-set and broken goals.

Yoga intentions for 2015:

  • Begin or step up your yoga practice (at home or in class)
  • Set a positive intention (no goals) each time you practice
  • Use yoga tools like mudras for focus
  • Attend some specific workshops to really indulge yourself and learn more about yoga.
  • Plan some regular time out away from every day stresses.
  • Book a yoga break.