About Mary

Mary Young-400Mary has been teaching yoga since 2008 and is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals (SYT).

In addition to taking regular classes and workshops in the UK, she regularly teaches on yoga immersions (retreats) and has mentored and taught new teacher trainees on Yoga Alliance courses internationally.

Her classes are based on traditional and contemporary yoga themes such as opening energetic pathways and Ayurveda (the ancient science of life). Specialist emphasis is also placed on physical alignment, spinal awareness and pranayama (breathing) techniques. Ultimately, she aims to encourage both physical and mental balance whilst the body is strengthened and toned in the process.

Keeping to traditional principles in her dynamic vinyasa classes, movement is sychronised with breath and honouring her fundamental yoga training, she encourages self-practice away from her yoga classes. In addition to this, Mary is a qualified yin yoga teacher and incorporates yin into her own daily practice and teaching schedule. She believes that yin provides a vital pathway to self-discovery that is not available in yang yoga. Ultimately, whether the focus is on prana or Qi, she feels they can achieve the same powerful results.

Finally, she also explored the fundamental teachings of yoga nidra (iRest) which she interweaves into her teaching and everyday living. She felt very much inspired to proceed with further studies in this form of self-enquiry and thus successfully completed level 1 training in Integrative Restoration. Promoting secular self-enquiry, this practice is informed by the teachings of Richard C. Miller PhD.